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We understand that having a cavity can be an anxious experience for kids and parents alike, so rest assured your child will be in good hands with us!

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What Are Dental Fillings, and Why Are They Necessary For Children?

When it comes to your child's teeth, prevention is key. However, cavities can still form even if you carefully brush and floss their pearly whites. That's why dental fillings exist. They help restore a tooth to its natural shape and size and stop further decay.

At Glow Pediatric Dentistry in Pflugerville,  Dr. Danny can help identify cavities early on and treat them precisely and efficiently. He will thoroughly inspect your child's teeth to determine if they need dental fillings. If they do, he can use composite resin materials to make your kid's process as painless as possible. The result is a solid and natural-looking smile that will last for years.

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Did you know…

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Gold was one of the earliest materials used for dental fillings. It's still used today in some cases, particularly for inlays and onlays, due to its durability and biocompatibility.

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The cost of treatment shouldn’t keep your child from getting the filling they need. We keep care affordable so your little one can have a happy, healthy smile.

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The Benefits of Dental Fillings For Kids

Restoring tooth structure and function

Dental fillings replace a tooth's decayed part, helping restore its original shape and function. This allows children to eat, speak, and maintain oral hygiene without discomfort or difficulty.

Preventing further tooth decay

By sealing off the cavity, fillings prevent bacteria and food particles from entering and causing further decay. This helps protect the tooth from additional damage and the potential need for more invasive treatments, such as root canals or extractions.

Relieving Pain And Sensitivity

Tooth decay can cause pain and sensitivity, especially when eating hot, cold, or sweet foods. Dental fillings help alleviate this discomfort by removing decay and filling the cavity, providing a protective barrier.

The Filling Procedure: What to Expect

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Dr. Danny will first examine your child's teeth and, if necessary, take X-rays to determine the extent of tooth decay and decide on the appropriate treatment.

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To ensure your child is comfortable, the dentist will numb the area around the affected tooth. They may also use a numbing gel before administering the injection to minimize any discomfort.

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Decay removal

Once the area is numb, Dr. Danny will use dental instruments, such as a dental drill or laser, to eliminate the decayed portion of the tooth. He will carefully clean and shape the cavity, removing all decay.

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Filling Placement

Dr will choose a filling material suitable for your child's tooth. Common materials include composite resin (tooth-colored) or amalgam (silver). They will then fill the cavity with the chosen material, shaping and smoothing it to match the natural contours of the tooth.

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Post-treatment care

Following the procedure, Dr. Danny will provide aftercare instructions, including how to care for the filled tooth and any food or drink restrictions. Your child may experience mild discomfort, sensitivity, or numbness after the procedure, which should subside within a few hours to a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After treatment, it is common for patients to experience slight soreness or tenderness in their teeth and surrounding areas for one or two days after treatment. This should go away naturally over time.

No, there should not be any pain experienced during the filling procedure. Dr. Danny will use local anesthesia to minimize or eliminate discomfort.